The Adoption and Surrogacy Law Center

Whether you are a birth parent who wants to make an adoption plan, a gestational carrier who would like to carry a child for someone, a hopeful intended parent or potential adoptive parent – the Adoption & Surrogacy Law Center can provide all the adoption and assisted reproductive technology legal services and guidance that you need.

The Womens Injury Law Center

Providing sophisticated, experienced and aggressive representation of severely injured persons rendered with compassion for:

  • Women who want to be
    represented by women.
  • Men who want to be
    represented by women.
  • Children who benefit from
    female representation.

The Personal Injury & Employment Law Center

Whether you recently have suffered an injury in an auto accident or otherwise, have issues with your employees, employer, or have an employee in need of employment law services, the Personal Injury and Employment Law Center can provide all the legal services and guidance that you need. Check out the Law Center to learn more about our services!

Attorney Colleen M. Quinn – Founder and Director

of the Quinn Law Centers at Locke & Quinn.

Quinn formed the Law Centers because she feels that these areas of legal practice are the areas of the law where a firm can “really make a difference in the individual lives of others by either building families or re-building lives after a traumatic event or serious injury.”

A&SLC Client Families

Baby in Blanket Mother and Child Mother and Child on Birthday Smiling Brother and Sister Happy Brother and Sister Sisters with Baby